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Counselling Psychologist and Educational Specialist

I have 19 years of experience in the field of psychology. People and their wellness on especially an emotional and educational level has been my absolute passion since. I have been a teacher for a few years and then qualified as a psychologist. I worked as a psychologist while running a part time private practice at a remedial school for 3 years. I also worked at a psychiatric hospital in the Child-and-Adolescent Unit for 7 years whilst running my private practice in the afternoons. I have been in full time private practice for the last 8 years.

In my work with adults my client and I decide together on the process and I tailor make a programme for their needs or go with how their process unfolds using mainly EMDR (trauma therapy), psycho-analysis and expressive therapies. The therapeutic modalities are applied and used in conjunction with a Christian stance and perspective - should the client be comfortable with that.

I also do educational work ranging from I.Q. testing, school readiness and career guidance to brain dominance profiles and study methods as well as motivations for assessment accommodations during tests and exams.

Psychological Services Offered by Dr. Dreyer

Children and Adults:

• Depression
• Anger
• Divorce
• Anxiety
• Fobias
• Self image
• Eating disorders
• Attachment
• Adoption
• Reconstructed families
• Trauma (e.g. victims of crime and
   all forms of abuse)
• Substance abuse
• Childhood trauma
• Grief and bereavement


• Intellectual functioning
• Scholastic level functioning i.e.
   reading, mathematics, spelling
• School readiness
• Career guidance
• Aptitude tests
• Career guidance
• Dominance profile
   (Left/right Brain)
• Study methods according to
   dominance profile
• Learning difficulties i.e. dyslexia,
• Assessment Accommodations
• Consessions

Specialist training in therapeutic intervention through:

• Trauma
• Play therapy
• Child-parent-relationship therapy
• Sand tray therapy
• Developmental touch therapy


• Parent-child relationships
• Guidance
• Attachment
• Reconstructed family integration.

I run this practice in total dependence on The Only Triune God; my Father - every person matters to me because he/she matters to Him!

Dr. Joland Dreyer

In this practice I serve with integrity and strive to provide and excellent professional service. My client is respected and accepted unconditionally and emotional healing is my first and foremost priority and passion.


B.A. (Cum Laude), H.E.D. B. Ed (Cum Laude) M. Ed. Psych, D. Psych Ed. (UNISA)

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What I Offer:

Adults: Emotional problems (EMDR - for trauma)

Educational assessments: 4 years up to 21 years

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